Brie and Candied Walnut Flatbread

Happy 2014!! 

I had a whole post written and scheduled to go up yesterday, about goals and my own personal new years resolutions, but it was kind of all over the place. I love making goals and lists, but at the same time, a long list of longterm goals like that that doesn’t always work for me, and I tend to forget about them within three months.

Madison over at Eating 4 Balance has a really awesome way of doing it, she just picks one overall idea or goal and focuses on that for the year, and I think that’s something that I might try this year.

Anywho, onto a fun new recipe. About two years ago I went to Mackinac Island for vacation with my family, and we ate at this little restaurant where I had one of the best things ever. It was a flatbread pizza with brie cheese, candied walnuts, arugela, granny smith apple slices, and a drizzle of honey.

All of the flavors went so well together, the sweet crunchiness of the walnuts, the sour of the apples, the spiciness from the arugela, it was perfect. And I knew it was something I could recreate at home, and have done so a few times, but I’ve never remembered to take pictures, until now. And even now, they’re not the greatest, but I don’t care. It tastes amazing, and that’s all that matters.

Brie and Candied Walnut Flatbread
Makes about 12-16 small slices

2 Udi’s gluten free pizza crusts (You could make your own dough or get a different brand, but even though I’m not gluten free, this crust is super chewy and really reminds me of the original dish.)
1 brie wheel (the smaller ones, not those huge ones that cost the same amount as a car.)
1/2 granny smith apple, sliced thinly.
1/2 cup candied walnuts (you can use your favorite recipe, or see the one I posted below)
1 cup arugela (I used baby arugela… is there such thing as adult arugela? Either way, it doesn’t matter.)
2 tablespoons honey (optional. I’ve used agave syrup or gone without it before.)


The crusts I used.

Brush the crusts with olive oil or spray with a mister. Place in a 400*F oven for about 6 minutes. This will help it get a little chewier. If your crust is super duper thin, less time is probably required.


Right before putting it in the oven…

Once it comes out of the oven, you’ll want to put the cheese on. You don’t need to cover it completely, that would be way too much and overpower it.


Then, you’ll want to put it back in the oven until the cheese starts to melt. Brie cheese is weird, it will kind of stay in it’s shape when melty, but it will look kind of glossy.

Once it comes out of the oven, you’ll want to put on the apples. I cut it after I put the apples on, then put on the rest of the toppings. It’s just way easier to cut that way.


Now for the candied walnuts, arugela, and honey:


I normally put a little more arugela on than this, but my grocery store sucks and the arugela was looking a little past it’s prime when I bought it, so I had to pick through it to find the good stuff.

Like I mentioned previously, all of the flavors go so well together, it’s crazy. This is definitly one of my families favorites. It’s definitly something I’d serve warm, but I’ve eaten it cold before and it’s still yummy.

If you want my candied walnuts recipe, here it is:

Candied Walnuts
1/2 cup walnuts
1 tablespoon corn syrup (A lot of people don’t like corn syrup, but I find it coats the nuts really well.)
1 1/2 Tablespoons brown sugar
pinches of salt and cayenne pepper.

Mix the corn syrup, brown sugar, and spices in a bowl. Microwave for 15 seconds, just to get the corn syrup a little more liquify so it coats the walnuts.

Add the nuts to the mixture, and make sure they are evenly coated. place on a parchment lined sheet pan. You don’t have to get them completely separated, but try and spread them out a little so they’re not in one huge clump.

Place them in a 400*F oven and cook for about 5 minutes or so, when you start to smell roasted nuts, you’ll know their done. Let cool, and enjoy!!

What are your thoughts on new  years resolutions/goals? Any tips on keeping up with them throughout the year? 

8 thoughts on “Brie and Candied Walnut Flatbread

  1. Candied walnuts add SO much flavor :)
    Ehhh not a fan of resolutions, more of goals to work on for the upcoming year.

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