A Favorite Breakfast

Howdy Ya’ll! (Apparently I’m from the south today…)

Thank you so much for your kind words on my last post, student teaching can get super stressful, especially when I’m trying to stay in remission for my UC. We actually had a snow day yesterday, so it was fun. (Fun Fact: We’ve had more snow days than actual school days so far this semester!)

I just stopped by really quick to share a breakfast that I’ve been loving lately. It’s super easy, and I normally prepare it the night before when I’m getting my lunch ready.

You only need a few ingredients!


Peanut Butter Yogurt
Yogurt of choice- about 6 oz.
PB2- 1 heaping tablespoon
Stevia or other sweetener- to taste

To make, you literally just mix everything together! You can use dairy free yogurt, soy yogurt, regular yogurt, or greek yogurt, which is my favorite. (I’m a HUGE Chobani fan!) You can buy the individual containers, but the bigger ones are cheaper.

You can also use the plain PB2 or the chocolate kind, I’ve used both and love them both. I have little stevia packets, and I normal add half a packet per 6 oz. of yogurt. The PB2 does have a little sugar in it, and I don’t want to mask the tang of the greek yogurt. You can use regular sugar, but it’ll be gritty. I’m sure honey or agave would do nicely!

If you don’t have PB2 near you, you can melt peanut butter and mix it in, but that just adds another step and I’m lazy.


It doesn’t necessarily look the greatest, especially in photos, but it’s amazing! I’ll keep making it until they come out with a peanut butter yogurt, haha. If you use greek yogurt, there’s also quite a bit of protein in it, combined with the peanut butter powder.

I’ve definitly been known to eat this for breakfast, and then take it for lunch as well… It’s that good!

Welp, I’ve got lesson plans to finish up, so I’m off. Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

Is there anything special you like to mix with your yogurt, or any fun toppings you think I should add to this?


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