DIY Polka Dots

Since I’ve had quite a few days off recently because of the frigid weather, I’ve had the time to do some fun DIY crafts and sewing projects!

I’ve been loving polka dots lately, and have been pinning lots of things that I figured I could make myself.

The first one was this top-

I thought it was super cute with all the colorful dots. When I was at Target a while back I picked up a 3/4 sleeved boatneck white shirt, and I thought it would be perfect to try and replicate this project!

Here is how mine turned out:


It’s kind of wrinkly, and it looks much better on. The only photo I have of me wearing it isn’t a very good one, because there is a scarf in the way. (Another DIY! I told you, I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands)


Either way, I love it! It was pretty easy, I just used Martha Steward Multi-Surface paint and dipped the end of a small hot glue stick in the paint, then pressed it on the shirt. (I put cardboard between the layers of the shirt so it wouldn’t bleed through.)

The second polka dot craft I posted on Instagram a while ago. I’ve been eyeing patterned tights for a while, but I just have soooo many plain colored ones I couldn’t really justify buying another pair. I have 3 pairs of black tights, so I just decided to put a pattern on them myself!


I literally used the exact same method that I used for the shirt. I can’t remember where exactly I got this idea from- but it’s all over the internet and pinterest.

Here are a few other polka dot crafts that I have on my list of things to make, but haven’t gotten there quite yet:

With this, you could either take an infinity scarf that is already made and add polka dots, or sew the scarf yourself!

I don’t claim to be fashion savvy in any sense, but I love this bright neon skirt with the polka dot top! I have tons of sweaters that I think I could easily add polka dots to, now all I need is that skirt!

I’m sure there are other polka dot inspired things on my Pinterest boards, but these are the ones that are near the top of my list.

Are you more of a polka dots or stripes person? Or maybe just solid colors? 

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