Guacamole Bites

14 May

When I was student teaching or working during the day, I always wanted a lunch that was easy to eat, and didn’t require any extra prep/assembly during my lunch break. But now that It’s my summer vacation, I don’t mind spending a few extra minutes preparing my lunch. But only a few.

That’s where these guacamole bites come in! They are not extra fancy, and to be honest, guacamole never looks very good in a photograph. I’m also positive that I’m not the first person to discover this idea, but it was fun, easy, and delicious, so I wanted to share it.


Nachos are on the dinner menu this week, so I bought an extra avocado to eat with my lunches. (Nachos are my favorite. Nachos with guacamole are my super favorite.)

I feel stupid even posting a recipe or how to make these. You just slice some cucumber, slather it with guacamole, and top it with a slice of cherry tomato. I wanted to sprinkle some green onion on it as well, but I was too lazy for that. But never to lazy to make guacamole.

I won’t claim that my guacamole is outstanding (I know someone who mentions they make THE BEST guacamole every time someone mentions the word avocado). I just mash up half an avocado, a little lime juice, and then some spices. Salt, pepper, chili powder, and garlic. If I want my guac to be fancy I’ll mince up some red onion, tomato, and jalapeño and mix it in, but I was really just into the avocado today.

You could make this even easier by using your favorite brand of store bought guacamole as well!


I ate this with a mixed green salad and some leftover steamed edamame. Perfect lunch!

What have your lunch cravings been lately? 


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One Response to “Guacamole Bites”

  1. Sophie33 May 19, 2014 at 10:27 am #

    Yum yum yum,, I say! I love these tasty greenish guacamole bites too, with nachos,…ooh yes, Liz! x

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