Summer Berry Floats

If you follow me in Instagram, (which you do, right?) then you know I’ve been drooling over this photo. It looks like the perfect summer cool down drink!

Although I know Martha can do no wrong (with food, you guys.) I had to change up the recipe a little bit of course!

I was inspired to change this up and make it my own by the Vegas Uncork’d event at the Aria Resort & Casino. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I’ve definitly always wanted to go, and not even for the gambling, but for the food and drink!


Don’t these look like the perfect drink to sip on a hot day?

Summer Berry Floats

You’ll need:
4 cups berries (I used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) You’ll want to chop up the bigger berries.
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons agave syrup
1 pint so delicious coconut vanilla ice cream
1 liter seltzer water
Optional: whipped cream flavored vodka (For the adults! Also, why didn’t fun vodka flavors like this exist when I was in college?)


(Vodka not pictured because I didn’t think of that awesome idea until the second time I made them!)

The first think you’ll want to do is put the water, berries, and agave syrup in a small sauce pot, and bring to a boil. You don’t need to leave it on the stove for long, just until the berries start breaking down and you get a little syrup. Take off the stove, and refrigerate until cool.


You can see that the berries are still pretty whole.

Now for the assembly! It’s pretty easy. You just want to layer the berries and ice cream in a glass, starting with the berries. I think I had 3 layers of berries and 2 of the ice cream. The So Delicious coconut vanilla ice cream is my favorite, I think the coconut flavor goes really well with the berries. But, feel free to use your ice cream of choice!

If you are using the vodka, add 1 ounce on top of your last layer of berries. Then fill the glass up with the seltzer water. Make sure everything is cold before you add it!


I have made this several times since I first posted the photo on instagram, and I can definitly see myself making it several more times over the summer!

Do you have any fun drinks you love during the summer months? I’m a big hot cocoa fan, but the moment it starts to get hot out, I trade it in for something cold! I actually only like my coffee iced, so I normally don’t drink it during the winter months, because it’s just too cold outside!

This was not a sponsored post, I did not receive anything for it. e-mailed me and asked if I would be interested in sharing a favorite summer drink with my readers and their social media team as a way to let people know about their new resort!

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