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I Love Me Some Vegetables

17 Feb

And carbs. don’t get me wrong. But veggies are up there. Fo sho. Speaking of carbs and veggies, guess what’s hiding in this loaf of bread??

You can see them peeking out!!!

OMG, It’s tons of veggies!!!

I got this idea from a Rachel Ray (yes, feel free to cringe.) recipe I found ages ago, when I still ate meat. It consisted of buying a round tuscan type loaf, cutting the top off, hollowing it out, and stuffing it with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a billion different types of lunch meats.

It was a huge hit in my family, and to be honest, I kind of missed it when I stopped eating meat. But, last week I decided I wasn’t going to let the meat eaters of the world have all the fun. I was going to make this sandwich and pack it with veggies!

Here is a list of the stuff I packed in this sandwich:
Banana Peppers
Roasted Red Pepper
Green Peppers
Red Onion
White Bean Hummus

I’m sure there is more, but I’m forgetting. It’s so good! And the best part is, it’s such a huge sandwich, there are tons of leftovers! My mom and I got this lucky sandwich three whole nights this week, yum! We ate them with sweet potato fries, or sweet potato puffs.

And It’s so easy to make too! There is a little prep involved, with cutting the veggies,  and hollowing out the bread takes a few minutes, but it’s totally worth it. I promise. You also have to keep pressing the veggies down, as you want to pack them in.

I think if I ever make this again (and I will!) I’ll add a layer of baked tofu in it for some added protein.

Close up shot!

It’s also a great thing to make in advance. I made this in the morning before I went to work, and when I came home all I had to do was slice it up.

I was even craving sandwiches so bad, I made myself a sandwich (not as amazing as this one though, obviously) for lunch that day with some of the extra veggies that didn’t fit in the sandwich.

With even more veggies and hummus on the side, a date, cashews, and a blood orange. Amazing lunch! Sometimes I get into such a sandwich mood, wraps just won’t cut it.

Also, look what finally came in the mail!

My donut pans! I got a regular sized one, a mini one, and a heart shaped one, which isn’t pictured. That one I think is going away until next Valentine’s day. But I can still play around with the other two, and I can’t wait!

Do you ever get sandwich cravings? What do you like to put on your sandwiches? Have you ever made baked donuts?  

Scenes from the Weekend

17 Jan

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend, I know I did! I drove down to Indianapolis with my family on Sunday, because my brother was flying back to New York for school early Monday morning. : ( Things will be a lot less exciting now that he’s not at home. Super lame.

But, I did have a lot of fun shopping with my mom, both at the mall, and Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!

But, before fun road trips, some much needed food is in order! Saturday night I made these tofu spinach burgers:

They are amazing! They tasted a lot like eggs, so we did a breakfast for dinner type thing and had hash browns and english muffins with them. And then Sunday morning, I made an “egg” sandwich with one- amazing!!

Sunday afternoon we went to the mall and I tried on some pretty dresses…

I only got 3, but I was excited because they all had pockets!! Dresses with pockets is like, the best invention ever. I swear. They may even be better than carbs. Ok, that’s probably not true.

And yesterday morning we went to TJ’s and WF, two of my favorite places to shop!! I wore my Sea Shepherd sweatshirt and I had an awesome conversation with a lady who worked at Trader Joe’s about how awesome they are, and everything they’re doing for marine life. It was nice, because having just moved to a new location, I don’t have a lot of friends, let alone people who share a lot of the same views as I do.

I bought some dairy-free ranch dressing at Whole Foods, and I’m really excited about it. I’ve been craving ranch like crazy lately, and I had seen this dressing at WF a couple of times, but didn’t know if I wanted to make the $4 commitment. But, I’m glad I did, because it tastes just like ranch!!

Then, for dinner, my mom and I got some new frozen meals to try out… I was really excited about the ravioli, because I have been on the hunt for a while for dairy-free ravioli. This kind was stuffed with spinach and tofu, and it was pretty good! The mac and cheese as well.  It was a good meal, as hard as I try to be healthy and stay away from processed foods, sometimes I just need a quick comfort food fix!

I also watched the Golden Globes on Sunday. Seeing Leonardo Dicaprio in a tuxedo kind of makes my life, so when it’s award season time, I make sure I’m watching. Sadly, he didn’t win. Sometimes I think I like the red carpet better than the actual show!

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Favorite moment? Do you have any comfort food favorites? 


22 Feb

This post is about my all time favorite food group. Carbs. Who doesn’t love them?? Sometimes I think people who deprive themselves of carbs are crazy. Crazy and have a lot of self control.

I’ll admit though, being newer to vegetarianism, It’s hard for me to make sure I’m getting enough of all the nutrients and food groups I need. I spend so much time focusing on protein, fruits and veggies, that sometimes I forget about my old friend carbohydrates. They’re needed in a diet, they give you calories, which in turn provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. And trust me, It takes a lot of things to help me get through the day. Caffeine, (In the form of tea, not usually coffee) is a good example of something it takes a lot of to give me that extra push.

Recently I purchased the one of the best vegan cook books out there, (at least in my opinion) Veganomicon. I’ve made a few recipes from it (which are amazing!) And I’ll talk about them more in later posts, but these recipes have made me realize how AMAZING carbs are and how I’ve been missing out on them recently.

Here are some photos of a couple things I’ve been chowing down lately:

uuhhhmazing spaghetti and beanballs

Cashew-cucumber dip with pita bread!

Another fun thing coming up in my future… A trip to Whole Foods! This may not seem like that big of a deal, but I had a Whole Foods near me in Providence when I went to college, and when I moved back home the closest one is in Minneapolis. Well, I’m taking a small trip up there (not only to go to Whole Foods, but hey, might as well stop by, right?) so I’m going to stock up!

The two main things on my list that I’m going to stock up on are Daiya Vegan Cheese, and Coconut Milk Yogurt. What are your favorite Whole Foods buys? Anything amazing I should add to my list?


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