Chocolate Covered Goodness

Why is it that almost anything (broccoli excluded) that’s covered in chocolate amazing? Have any of you ever had these?

Chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joes. So so so amazing.

Unfortunately, these babies contain milk, which, is not my best friend. And, the nearest Trader Joe’s closest to me is an hour and a half away. So I don’t get there often.

So the other day, I had the genius idea. Probably almost as good as this great idea (Which is also covered in chocolate and has peanut butter!)

You don’t even need that many ingredients!

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The “I don’t make it as good as…” Family Recipe

Every family has one. A dish that only grandma can make. If you try to make it, it’s just not the same. My mom can never make potato salad like her mom. It’s just a fact of life. It’s like my grandma puts something secret into the mix, making it taste so much better. It’s almost nerve racking.

My aunt is an awesome lady. I’m actually 60% certain that she’s my real mother. We have a lot in common. She’s not the kind of person who is going to spend all day in the kitchen cooking dinner, but there are always a few things I request when we visit.

And one of those things is this fantastical bean, corn, and avocado dip. It’s more like salsa, actually. Because it’s chunky.

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