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A Day Without Food

2 Nov

This is a food blog. I think we can all agree on that, amiright? Good.

Well, yesterday, I WASN’T ALLOWED TO EAT ANY FOOD. I feel like I wasted a day of my life. I like food that much. Silly medical procedures. Which, BTW, if you’re reading this (Well, at least right when I posted it.) I’m probably getting a tube shoved down my throat. Yay!

So what does a day without food consumption look like? Kind of boring, really. But I thought I’d share it with you anyway. My day even involved food, even though I couldn’t eat it. That’s how much I like it.

So, First things first, I made dinner for tonight. Anesthesia and me don’t really get along well and I figured I’d have a sore throat, so I made soup yesterday for today. BAD IDEA. It smelt soooooo good. It was probably like, the greatest thing I’ve ever smelt. I wish they made a candle that smelled similar. (Is it smelt or smelled? I can’t decide.)

I made Oh She Glow’s Vegan Tortilla Soup. I couldn’t even taste it because it was red and I wasn’t allowed to have red liquids. Ugh.

Then, I did some boring stuff, like homework. ewe.

And some more food involved activities, I planned out the dinner menu for the next week. It’s probably my favorite thing to do. Besides grocery shopping. (Am I weird?) I also created a pretty baller Thanksgiving menu. I’m going to test run all the recipes to make sure they’re good, so stay tuned for that! I’ve discovered that my best ideas for food come when I’m famished. Go figure.

Just a few of the cookbooks I get recipe ideas from!

I also played with my watercolor paints. I’ve always been really interested in learning how to paint with watercolors, and I don’t want to splurge on the legit water color paints and brushes, so I just kind of fool around with my Crayola paints that were a $1.99. Cheap hobby!

And finally.. I may or may not have had a movie marathon. And The movies involved may or may not have been one or more of these:

Check out my gross pea colored walls! Still need to paint them!

This photo was taken at 11 last night. I look pretty happy for being food deprived for 24 hours, don’t I?

I also watched Ninja Turtles one and two. Does that redeem my movie choices any? I don’t know what’s up with me lately, watching movies from my childhood days. A couple days ago I mentioned on Twitter how I was having a Ghostbusters’s movie marathon. Why can’t they make movies like that anymore?

And I just wanted to squeeze in here, thanks to all of you who offered me some help and tips on making seitan in my post yesterday. It was all really helpful, and I may be trying it again soon!

Overall, today was a pretty lazy day, but hey, what do you expect when you can’t eat anything? I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous (Not that I ever do…) So I just took it easy.

Do you ever have lazy days? What do you like do to relax? 


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