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Cookbook Review- Happy Hour at Home

17 Jul

Let me start off by saying, I have a lot of cookbooks. And out of all those cookbooks, I have always found at least one recipe in each one that I’m not a fan of. Which is to be expected right?

Well, all that has changed. The lovely people over at New World Library graciously sent me a copy of Brian Patton’s  The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home to review, and out of all the recipes I’ve made from it, I love every single one! (Disclaimer: I haven’t made everything from this cookbook. But I have made quite a few things!!)


One thing I love about this cookbook is that it is in menu format. I don’t hate cooking, but when I’ve got a super busy week going on, I hate having to plan out what to pair with what for dinner. This book does all that work for you! (AND He provides shopping lists for every menu!)

I’m normally kind of wary about doing cookbook reviews, but this cookbook is just too good not to share. I’m going to have to go out and buy his first cookbook now I think!

Loaded baked potato flatbread- Pizza crust, mashed potatoes, vegan cheese, veggies, and bean chili!

Loaded baked potato flatbread- Pizza crust, mashed potatoes, vegan cheese, veggies, and bean chili!

I’m also a huge fan of appetizers and little bites, but I’ve always been afraid to make a meal out of them, afraid that it wouldn’t be enough. This book makes it so easy though.


Pretend Italian Sausage and Peppers over Creamy Polenta, with Tender Green Cabbage

I made this sausage and peppers dish last night, and I loved it! When I ate meat, I never liked Italian sausage, because I hate everything fennel with a passion, and most italian sausage has fennel seeds in it. But, with this recipe, I got to make my own sausage, so I just left it out! He gives a lot of great suggestions if you’re short on time, buy soy bacon instead of making tempeh bacon, use store bought pizza dough instead of your own, and using store bought sausages as well. But, I love that he gives recipes for all this stuff, because lets face it, even though it’s vegetarian/vegan at the store- that doesn’t mean it’s all that healthy or that there aren’t weird ingredients in it.


Little macs with very, very special sauce, sweet potato fries and adobo dipping sauce- sliders are so cute, and this recipe is so much tastier and healthier than McDonalds!

I do most of the cooking at home, at least for the veggie eaters, and each meal was a huge hit. I try to have at least one recipe from this book on my menu plan each week, all the recipes look so good, it’s hard to choose which one to make!

You can also visit the Sexy Vegan’s website hereHe’s even got a bunch of videos that are like mini cooking shows, where he shows you how to cook different amazing looking things! He’s got one for the Stromboli (I’ll just link to it, because I have no idea how to embed a video in this post) I made this too, but I forgot to take a photo. Amazing. Just like everything else. I also made the (again, photoless) roasted red pepper rolls, and I think my brother inhaled 6 before even asking what they were.

And did I mention that he has an entire section dedicated to DRINKS?? I’ve yet to try any, because alcohol doesn’t mix well with my stomach/colon at the moment because of my UC, but I plan on trying them soon. The one I’ve been eyeballing is called the Starburst, and he says it tastes just like the candy!! I can’t wait, I haven’t had a starburst in years.

I was sent this cook book free of charge, but all opinions are my own. 

It Warms the Cockles of Your Heart

29 Oct

Has anyone else heard that phrase before? Does anyone else think the word “cockles” sounds gross? I had a friend in college tell me that about the chili she was eating once, and I was like wwwhhhhaaaatttt? Whatever a cockle is, I don’t want them, and I don’t want to warm them. But then I googled it and don’t worry you guys, it’s legit.

I know I’ve made chili here on the blog before, but I’m totally disowning that chili. I’m not even going to link to it. This stuff is the real deal.

I know what you’re thinking. Liz, that looks like real cheese and sour cream on your chili there. Aren’t you lactose intolerant? Both of those answers is YES. But you guys, when I have real cheese and sour cream in the fridge I can’t just not eat it.

I had these things in the fridge because this chili was for a chili contest I was participating in at work and we wanted to have fancy toppings. We got 4th place, out of 8, but I’m pretty proud. This was vegetarian chili, and I don’t know if you’ve ever been to central Indiana, but people don’t take kindly to vegetables here. One man wouldn’t try it because it had “too many vegetables in it” I was like, YOU’RE A 30 YEAR OLD MAN AND YOU’RE AFRAID TO EAT A SPOONFUL OF VEGETABLES?” If I didn’t have to be polite, I would have called him a coward.

Oh well. We did have people come over and say, “I hear you guys have a really good vegetarian chili.” I was like uuummm, no. We have a really good chili. period. Whatevs. There was one vegetarian girl there who kept coming back for more. She was excited.

So much chili you guys!

And thanks to my awesome boss, for not giving me crap about not putting meat in it. She sometimes gives me a hard time, but she’s really respectful of my foodie choices.

bubbling away

I ended up making 2 batches of this stuff. It could feed an army. Everyone also said that it would win the award for most colorful, prettiest, and healthiest. After all, we do eat with our eyes! Also, it had beer in it. What more could you ask for?? I was looking for a darker beer, but my local Krogers had this stuff, and I was like ohmygoshIhavetotrythatit’sglutenfreeyougys! I needed 2 for the chili, and drank the other 4. Out of all the things that are gluten free that I wish would taste like their gluteny counterparts, beer is not the first on the list. But this stuff tasted just like beer.

So since this is 4th place award winning (4th place is an award, after all) chili, I’m assuming you guys want the recipe. I got my inspiration for this from the many “vegetarian chili” recipes my boss printed out while we were supposed to be working. I took things from each one that I liked. I’ll give you the amounts for just one recipe, if you want to feed an army, just double it.

4th Place (but really, way better than that) Chili

3- 15oz cans diced tomatoes
1 can kidney beans
1 can black beans
2 cans pinto beans
7oz can diced green chilis
1-2 chilis in adobo sauce (Sooooo spicy!)
3 cloves garlic
2 onions
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 red pepper
1 orange pepper
1 T olive oil
1 bottle beer
2 cups vegetable stock
1 T chili powder
1 t salt
1 T oregano
1 T cumin

Optional: some grinds of Trader Joes everyday seasoning, and South African seasoning (I like the South African one because it’s smokey!!)

1. Chop the onions, and peppers. (You can use all green peppers if the other ones are crazy expensive, but they do make it so pretty and colorful!) pour the tablespoon of oil into a big ole pot and add the onions and peppers once it’s hot. Let them hang out for about 10 minutes. You don’t want to overcook the onions. Everyone is going to get to know each other in the pot. (Virtual high five if you can tell me what TV show that’s from!!!!) 

2. Chop the garlic, and chiles in adobo sauce, and add them to the pot with the green chiles, and tomatoes. Bring to a simmer.

3. Once the mixture is simmering, ad the spices, beer, and veggie stock. Simmer, uncovered, for about 30 minutes, stirring every once in a while.

Feel free to add some veggie meat crumbles to the recipe if that’s your thing! You can serve this with sour cream (real or soy) cheese (or cheeze!) green onions, and crushed tortilla chips. It is a little spicy, so if you want it to be less spicy, take out some of the green chilies, chiles in adobo sauce, or chili powder. If you like it super spicy, add more!

Have you ever entered any form of cooking or food contest? 

Also, please tell me someone knows the onion/chili reference I mentioned earlier?!

I Love Me Some Vegetables

17 Feb

And carbs. don’t get me wrong. But veggies are up there. Fo sho. Speaking of carbs and veggies, guess what’s hiding in this loaf of bread??

You can see them peeking out!!!

OMG, It’s tons of veggies!!!

I got this idea from a Rachel Ray (yes, feel free to cringe.) recipe I found ages ago, when I still ate meat. It consisted of buying a round tuscan type loaf, cutting the top off, hollowing it out, and stuffing it with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a billion different types of lunch meats.

It was a huge hit in my family, and to be honest, I kind of missed it when I stopped eating meat. But, last week I decided I wasn’t going to let the meat eaters of the world have all the fun. I was going to make this sandwich and pack it with veggies!

Here is a list of the stuff I packed in this sandwich:
Banana Peppers
Roasted Red Pepper
Green Peppers
Red Onion
White Bean Hummus

I’m sure there is more, but I’m forgetting. It’s so good! And the best part is, it’s such a huge sandwich, there are tons of leftovers! My mom and I got this lucky sandwich three whole nights this week, yum! We ate them with sweet potato fries, or sweet potato puffs.

And It’s so easy to make too! There is a little prep involved, with cutting the veggies,  and hollowing out the bread takes a few minutes, but it’s totally worth it. I promise. You also have to keep pressing the veggies down, as you want to pack them in.

I think if I ever make this again (and I will!) I’ll add a layer of baked tofu in it for some added protein.

Close up shot!

It’s also a great thing to make in advance. I made this in the morning before I went to work, and when I came home all I had to do was slice it up.

I was even craving sandwiches so bad, I made myself a sandwich (not as amazing as this one though, obviously) for lunch that day with some of the extra veggies that didn’t fit in the sandwich.

With even more veggies and hummus on the side, a date, cashews, and a blood orange. Amazing lunch! Sometimes I get into such a sandwich mood, wraps just won’t cut it.

Also, look what finally came in the mail!

My donut pans! I got a regular sized one, a mini one, and a heart shaped one, which isn’t pictured. That one I think is going away until next Valentine’s day. But I can still play around with the other two, and I can’t wait!

Do you ever get sandwich cravings? What do you like to put on your sandwiches? Have you ever made baked donuts?  


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